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Thy Dispraise: Rising Inside

Iranian groove metal band Thy Dispraise present the second out of three new singles: 'Rising Inside', out on March 26th, 2022 via Green Bronto Records.

Band leader Abtin Zahed says:

'These three songs are about the situation that we all are in. A new world that is full of lies and we all are burning in it.

The first track Ignited by Lies is about our new world that makes us slaves and we are prisoners who dont feel it and we will be ignited by all the lies that are around us.

The second track Rising Inside is about our awakening. We suddenly see that there is nothing left from the world and we just see nothing. Just ashes of dreams and emptiness and deep inside we want to rise.

These 3 songs are bound together as a story. We recorded these tracks in Iran, before our departure to Turkey. We hope that one day we can be together again. We are working on new songs and they will be ready soon.'


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Sa, 26. March 2022

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